The fine smell of a new book with its perfect bound untouched pages might drift back to the conscious mind reminding the reader to keep the book in its original condition, yet the natural urge to fold down the corners to mark the pages silently stays there.
‘Pause’ is an assuring detail to convince readers to use corners of the book pages as markers. Right before taking a break from reading, ‘Pause’ leaves traces that look forward to the time you re-open the book.

It is designed to fold without feeling unappreciative to the owner of artwork. With its finely scored lines it guides the reader to fold the corners in a crisp and tidy way. The folding lines on upper corners of each page have very subtle forms to attract minimum attention while reading. ‘Pause’ kindly invites to recognize a natural subconscious behavior and turns it into an elegant bookmarking experience.

2021 Selek Design