Dialekt water glass is a project initiated by our curiosity on ‘why people are attracted to shiny things’. While expecting wealth associations to be the reason of this affection, a research study found that this is a natural reaction, deeply rooted in the human’s primitive, innate need for water. According to the study, it is the resemblance to the vital water resources that makes glossy objects desirable. Using this finding as a foundation, we explored how to apply this research into product design in a way glossiness becomes a feature for the benefit of people.

Dialekt water glass aims to generate a desire to drink water. The familiar form of the water glass silently increases the shimmer of the product by using two different curves on the inner and outer surfaces of the glass. This helps with glossier reflections, refractions and shadows that aim to attract people to drink water without them thinking about it.

Water in nature has a dynamic form; it flows, moves, reflects and refracts. We perceive these motions as signs of clean water, more than when water stays static in a container. In order to evoke feelings associated with clean fresh water, we tried to generate this dynamism using unique material properties of glass. For this, we carefully designed reflections and refractions that stimulate effects of water by using varying cross section curves on the inner and outer surfaces of the glass.

The dimensions of the glass are designed to afford an elegant heft and weight when glass is full and to contain an optimum amount of water for quenching thirst. Overall, similar with our other products, we aimed water glass to have a silent and unnoticed character. We tried to minimize the communication between the product and user. The product aims to improve people’s water drinking habits without them realizing it, through silent design features that make an overall familiar water glass form more attractive through giving a shine to it.

2021 Selek Design