Rubberband, 2016

Corrugated, a non-numeric ruler, aims to bring visual silence to our lives in a world full of visually competing objects.

The product is a statement, a response to the need for turning distracting work spaces back into places to concentrate. For this, ‘corrugated’ mutes the function of ruler until it is needed. When not in use, the set of rulers appears more of an element that soothes eyes rather then being a functional object. When it comes to drawing and measuring, its patterns become guidelines for the pen.

Purity and rhythm, as found in the nature, are the intrinsic values that make the product silent and give its form. It is designed as a set of four rulers with two different shades, two different sizes bringing two different textures into action to balance each other.

Higher ridges represents every 5 cm and lower ones represents 1 cm similar to the lines when we are counting millimeters on standard rulers.

Corrugated Ruler was one of 18 finalists in the Belgian Biennale Interieur Awards' Objects category and was on display as part of the festival.

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