What does the actual interface between a human and his reflection look like?

Balance Mirror acknowledges all the elements that compose a conventional mirror typology and mutes them down into a pure form. The product is designed to be a sculptural object which could serve as a reflective surface when needed. It aims to provide a silent environment by communicating its primary function as little as possible.

Objects constantly communicate with us. Sometimes this communication between human and products becomes overwhelming. A mirror tells us that it is a mirror through its frame, feet and other features. With Balance Mirror we aimed to silence this communication as much as possible and stripped the mirror from its secondary functions such as frame and feet. This resulted in an object that carries minimal amount of mirror semantics. One could see it as a mirror only when they need it, else it is a pure material that is sculpted.

The trimmed cylindrical geometry facilitates the center of gravity to bring the product to a balance. It also helps forming an angled and a perpendicular reflective surface on the two sides of the product. The free standing object is made of pure aluminum.

2021 Selek Design